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Welcome to our Duke of Edinburgh page, here you will find relevant information and links to support you whilst undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Your co-ordinator is Mr Boesch and he can help with any queries you may have.

What is the Duke of Edinburgh Award and why take part?

Adventurous, caring, sporty, creative… however you might describe yourself, the DofE is for you. The award offers a variety of sections and activities that develop you as an individual mentally, physically and socially. Whichever programme you follow, it requires dedication and hard work and is sure to have a lasting impact on those whose complete it.

The award will enable you to achieve a different outlook on life, working in the community, building on your fitness levels and acquiring skills that will benefit you for years to come. The award has been chosen by UK HR professionals as the most recognised programme a candidate can reference during any recruitment process to demonstrate their volunteering experiences. Over a quarter of UK companies look for a DofE award in applications when they recruit. It is also highly regarded by colleges and Universities when making applications.

Letter re Expedition

Expedition Guide:

Section Ideas:

When completing each section of your DofE, you should develop a programme which is specific and relevant to you. This sheet gives you some ideas of things you could do or could use as a starting point to create a programme of your own. You can find more information at DofE.org/sections and there is a range of exciting opportunities to help you complete this section at DofE.org/finder. You can use the programme planners on the website to plan your activity with support from Mr Boesch, if you need it.

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