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Cafe Menu

Please see below our menu for the cafe at Belfairs Academy.


Behaviour & Expectations read more

Read our code of conduct for students in the classroom.


Enrichment Leaders / Collegiate System read more

Read about how Belfairs organises students into colleges.




Duke of Edinburgh Award

Welcome to our Duke of Edinburgh page, here you will find relevant information and links to support you whilst undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Your co-ordinator is Mr Boesch and he can help with any queries you may have.

What is the Duke of Edinburgh Award and why take part?

Adventurous, caring, sporty, creative… however you might describe yourself, the DofE is for you. The award offers a variety of sections and activities that develop you as an individual mentally, physically and socially. Whichever programme you follow, it requires dedication and hard work and is sure to have a lasting impact on those whose complete it.

The award will enable you to achieve a different outlook on life, working in the community, building on your fitness levels and acquiring skills that will benefit you for years to come. The award has been chosen by UK HR professionals as the most recognised programme a candidate can reference during any recruitment process to demonstrate their volunteering experiences. Over a quarter of UK companies look for a DofE award in applications when they recruit. It is also highly regarded by colleges and Universities when making applications.

Letter re Expedition

Expedition Guide:

Section Ideas:

When completing each section of your DofE, you should develop a programme which is specific and relevant to you. This sheet gives you some ideas of things you could do or could use as a starting point to create a programme of your own. You can find more information at and there is a range of exciting opportunities to help you complete this section at You can use the programme planners on the website to plan your activity with support from Mr Boesch, if you need it.

Other links:

Duke of Edinburgh Website


Enrichment & Extra-Curricular Activities


Homework & Revision Centre read more

Learn about Belfair's homework policies and resources.


Jack Petchey Foundation


Jack Petchey is an East End entrepeneur. He is 88 years old and his is a real 'rags to riches' story. He was born into a poor working class family in the East End in 1925 and left school with no qualifications at age 13. Jack joined the Navy and upon his discharge bought his first second hand car and started a taxi business. He worked long and hard, overcoming adversity and became a multi-millionaire through his various business ventures.

in 1999 he established the Jack Petchey Foundations which has so far has given £85 million to support youth projects. Jack seeks to increase young people's aspirations by rewarding their achievements and encouraging them to take pride in what they have done.

In 2012, Jack was awarded the CBE in recognition of his services to young people. More than anything he believes that people should think of others and give back to society, no matter how small an act of kindness of generosity, he wants young people to know that in giving, you also receive and the world is a better place for it!

Belfairs are proud to be part of such a fantastic scheme that recognises the achievements and challenges that our students are presented with throughout school and young adult life. As a result we would like to share the successes of our students through the Jack Petchey award scheme and acknowledge those who are facing challenging circumstances and overcoming barriers, and excellence either in school or outside in the community.

We have 9 awards per academic year, where our Jack Petchey committee consisting of Year 10 students meet monthly and choose a winner from student nominations. The winner is then announced in assemblies and receives a special Jack Petchey certificate and pin badge.

Every year all winners are invited to attend, alongside their family and friends, to a celebration event along with other schools in the community where they are presented with a medallion by a representative from the Jack Petchey Foundation.


Learning Resource Centre

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday 08:35 - 16:00

Friday 08:00 - 15:30

Our Learning Resource Centre at Belfairs Academy is equipped with excellent resources to support all curriculum areas. It offers a vibrant, friendly environment for all types of study. The LRC also has computers & multimedia.

Our Resources:

  • Over 10,000 books
  • Popular Magazines
  • DVDs
  • Computers
  • Eclipse Online Library
  • Homework Club every morning 8:00am - 8:40am & 14:45am - 4.00pm Fridays 8:00am - 3.30pm with the Co-educators
  • LRC Ambassadors

The LRC also has dedicated quiet study areas for students to come along before school, during break and lunchtime, and after school to complete homework.

The LRC also offers an array of supervised games and activities to entertain students before school, during break, lunchtime and after school. Students from all years can borrow books, read, play chess, Jenga, and Connect 4, learn Origami or even master the Rubiks cube.

Special Events:

Special events are a regular feature in the LRC. Competitions are throughout the academy year. For October 2019 we have launched a design a book cover competition and also we will be organizing a Halloween poetry competition.

Autumn/Winter Term:

Every Tuesday & Wednesday break and lunchtime, we are hosting our Quick Draw Art Club, students from all years are mastering the art of drawing, painting and crafting, this time of year we love to make fabulous Christmas cards, all years and all abilities welcome!
Every Thursday & Friday is movie club. Students can come along and watch a movie during break and lunch.

LRC Ambassadors

We are very lucky to have 4 LRC Ambassadors who are on hand to help before school, break, lunch times and after school.

These are:

  • Jacob Harwood - Year 11
  • Finn Reddington Haroun - Year 11
  • Madeleine Beasley - Year 10
  • Rebecca George - Year 11





How do I get a locker?

All Year 7 students are issued with a locker as required. There are a set amount of lockers available per year group in each college and we encourage our Year 7 students to secure these within the first two days.

To secure a locker you can pay a £5 refundable deposit via with your login.

Lockers are allocated on a first come first served basis. Years 8-11 are offered remaining lockers once our new Year 7 students have been in the Academy for two days.

How do I pay for my locker?

To secure a locker you can pay a £5 refundable deposit via or visit your College Office on the first two days of term.

What sort of padlock do I need?

A 40mm wide padlock with a maximum 6.3mm clasp with a combination lock (this is recommended rather than a key which can be lost).Padlock

Where can I get this?

You can buy your padlock yourself or buy one from your College Office. They cost £5 and you will need to have this amount on your card.

What happens if I forget the combination number?

If you have forgotten your number (and haven't written it down somewhere) the only solution is for us to cut your padlock. You will then need to purchase another one. When you purchase your padlock from the College Office we record the number so you may return to us for a reminder if you forget it.

What happens if I damage my locker?

You will lose your £5 deposit and have to pay for the damage.

What happens if my locker is damaged and it is not my fault?

If your locker is damaged the person responsible will pay for it to be repaired. If another locker is available we will re-issue one while it is being repaired.

What happens at the end of the year?

If your locker is clean and tidy, and free from damage, you will get your £5 back. You can then apply for a new locker for the following year. If you have not looked after your locker properly you will not be entitled to apply for a new locker.


Lost Property

Lost property is kept in Reception. Any named items that come to lost property are returned to the student directly. Any unnamed uniform items and equipment are kept in Reception for half a term after which they are donated to charity.

If a student loses an item of uniform or equipment they should visit Reception during break or lunchtime to retrieve it as soon as possible. If the lost item is PE or Dance kit, they should go to the relevant department first, and then Reception if they have still not found it.

We ask parents to ensure that all uniform and equipment is clearly named so that any lost items can be returned to students directly.



Parents can purchase the following items through Parent Pay: 

 Students will be able to collect the items from Reprographics during break or lunchtimes only. 


Belfairs Academy Umbrella £15.00 


 Belfairs Academy Sports Bag  £1.00 


 Belfairs Academy Backpack  £7.00


 Belfairs Academy Scarf  £10.00 


Belfairs Academy Hat  £3.00 


Belfairs Academy Pencil Case Set £3.00 


Belfairs Academy Highlighter £2.00 


Show My Homework

Click Here For Our Show My Homework Guide

We hope that this service will provide parents with an insight into how much and what type of homework our students receive. More importantly, we hope that it will improve our students' organisation, time-management, and help them to keep on top of their workload.

Please follow click on the link below to access Show My Homework.



Student Spotlights


As always, we want to celebrate our student successes and recognise them for their hard work and commitment to the Belfairs values.

Student spotlights are celebrated each week on Instagram (@BelfairsAcademy)and on this dedicated page. 

Winner will be announced as follows: 

Mondays – Year 7 & 8

Tuesdays – Year 9 & 10

Wednesdays – Year 11 & Post 16

Both parents and staff can nominate students for their efforts and achievements via our online form that is emailed each week. 

Our Spotlight Winners: 

w/b 1st March 2021:

Year 7 – Austin Butcher

Year 8 – Luke Simpson 

Year 9 – Preston Lowe 

Year 10  - Ben Catton 

Year 11 – Olivia Elderfield

Post 16 – Artemis Giourou

w/b 22nd February 2021:

Year 7 – Olivia Searle

Year 8 – Ellie Petrov

Year 9 – Rhuby Pamenter

Year 10  - Dorela Makolli

Year 11 – Connie Burgess

Post 16 – Mitchell Brignull

w/b 8th February 2021:

Year 7 - Sophia Andrews

Year 8 - Sam Cherry

Year 9 - Aidan Holliday

Year 10 - Daniel Burden

Year 11 - Mia Sampson

Post 16 - Ellie Stevenson

w/b 1st February 2021:

Year 7 - Iris Costa

Year 8 - Zachary Whitehead

Year 9  - Harry McEvoy 

Year 10 - Abigail Bacon 

Year 11 - Dolly Wood

Post 16 - Eda Muharremi  

w/b 25th January 2021:

Year 7 - Sadie-Grace Macal 

Year 8 - Kylah Rowe

Year 9  - Chantelle Edwards

Year 10 - Freddy Colbourn

Year 11 - Ellie Hill

Post 16 - Oscar Foakes

w/b 18th January 2021:

Year 7 - Eloise Fever

Year 8 - Rose Banham 

Year 9  - Chanel Walton 

Year 10 - Kiera Hahn 

Year 11 - Georgia Brown 

Post 16 - Rebecca Edmonton  



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