For information regarding Careers across the Academy our contact is Mrs Tina Rabone King

Mrs Rabone King is a Careers specialist with over 20 years experience, she is also the Assistant Director of Post 16 and has successfully supported many of our students from school to career.

Careers information is accessible on our website and Mrs Rabone King is also contactable by emailing


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Careers Fayre:

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Labour Market Information:

Labour Market Information

Useful links for Apprenticeships:

Discover Apprenticeships run by UCAS

STEM – all you need to know about apprenticeships and STEM generally

Creative Industries - The Backstage Centre at Purfleet

Subject Linked information - what and where you can find apprenticeships

Apprenticeship vs University : What is best for you?

Key Labour Market Sector Information Videos:

The below informative videos will give an insight in to the different industries you can work in after academy life.


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