Parents' Forum


Upcoming Parent Forum Events: 

  • Wednesday 22nd September - GCSE Science 
  • Wednesday 13th October - MFL 
  • Wednesday 17th November - County Lines 
  • Wednesday 8th December - English and Maths 
  • Wednesday 2nd February - Art 
  • Wednesday 2nd March - Literacy and Numeracy 
  • Wednesday 16th March - Mental Health
  • Wednesday 20th April - Equality and Diversity 
  • Wednesday 4th May - E-Safety 
  • Wednesday 25th May - Exam Dispensation 
  • Wednesday 8th June - How to Promote Academic Aspiration 
  • Wednesday 15th June - Personal Development

What is the purpose of our Parent Forum events?

The forums seek to:

  • Enable parents to raise educational issues and gain greater insight
  • Provide a sounding board for academy ideas and priorities
  • Provide an opportunity for continued development of Parent Voice
  • Inform and share successes of the academy
Do I need to sign up?
  • No - all parents/carers are welcome to attend the parents forum sessions