Beginning Year 7


Most people can remember their first day at secondary school. Moving to secondary school at first seems bewildering - and the building very large. A major change is the movement between each lesson and between different areas of the school site, as opposed to a single base at primary school.

At Belfairs we have various strategies for easing our new students into their academy environment and work practices. Each July, prior to joining the academy in September, the Year 6 children come to Belfairs for a day to learn about the school in terms of location, timetable, canteen etc. They complete three lessons and a period with their tutor. They will also be introduced to our rewards system whereby students are rewarded for good classwork, homework, questioning, answers and group work. In short - being an effective learner!

Each September on the first day of school our students come in on a staggered schedule to allow the Year 7 students to come in to Belfairs as a year group and not as part of the whole school. Parents are encouraged to leave their children in the school hall where, after a welcome and introduction, they are assigned to their tutor groups.

They are introduced to the academy site with tours around the building. They are able to enjoy the canteen and all it has to offer at break time and at lunch time.

This page supports the site visits that both parents and children make before starting at Belfairs.

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