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Visits & Trips

Every year students at Belfairs Academy are invited to take part in a variety of educational trips and visits to a range of locations both in the UK and abroad. Details of the trips for this academic year will be posted on this page below.

To ensure visits can be made as safe as possible, the Academy has a policy, procedure and guidance that informs staff about what they should consider when organising a visit.

To support staff, the Academy also has an Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC).

The EVC has the role of ensuring the Academy’s duty of care for the health & safety of students while on educational trips and visits is complied with.

This is done by ensuring that teachers and others who organise and are responsible for visits follow the policy and procedures, including final endorsement of certain categories of visit. The information provided is checked to ensure the visit complies with policy and then the Principal gives final agreement. In addition to other responsibilities the EVC monitors visits being undertaken and provides advice, information and training to staff.

For more information please find the Educational Visits and Trips Policy on our Policies page.


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How do I get a locker?

All Year 7 are issued with a locker as required. There are a set amount of lockers available per year group in each college and we encourage our Year 7 students to secure these within the first two days.

To secure a locker you can pay a £5 refundable deposit via with your login.

Lockers are allocated on a first come first served basis. Years 8-11 are offered remaining lockers once our new Year 7 students have been in the Academy for two days.


How do I pay for my locker?

To secure a locker you can pay a £5 refundable deposit via or visit your College Office on the first two days of term.


What sort of padlock do I need?

A 40mm wide padlock with a maximum 6.3mm clasp with a combination lock (this is recommended rather than a key which can be lost).


Where can I get this?

You can buy your padlock yourself or buy one from your College Office. They cost £5 and you will need to have this amount on your card.


What happens if I forget the combination number?

If you have forgotten your number (and haven't written it down somewhere) the only solution is for us to cut your padlock. You will then need to purchase another one. When you purchase your padlock from the College Office we record the number so you may return to us for a reminder if you forget it.


What happens if I damage my locker?

You will lose your £5 deposit and have to pay for the damage.


What happens if my locker is damaged and it is not my fault?

If your locker is damaged the person responsible will pay for it to be repaired. If another locker is available we will re-issue one while it is being repaired.


What happens at the end of the year?

If your locker is clean and tidy, and free from damage, you will get your £5 back. You can then apply for a new locker for the following year. If you have not looked after your locker properly you will not be entitled to apply for a new locker.


Canteen menu

Please see a sample of the food we are offering in our canteen at break and lunchtime:

An example of menu choices and price guide

(Prices and availability of dishes are subject to change)

Daily choice of Main Meal £1.10

Daily choice of Chef's special £1.10

Veg or Salad choice per day £1.10

Potatoes 50p

Pasta King daily £1.55

Fish & Chips (only on a Friday) £1.75

Chips 65p

Daily choice of Pizza ranging from £1.10-£1.20

Daily choice of homemade soup

with slice of bread 70P

Panini £1.60

Sandwiches £1.25

Roll £1.10

Dessert choice per day 65p

Daily choice of freshly made wraps, small and large rolls ranging from 85p-£1.40

Daily choice of handmade cakes, biscuits and muffins ranging from 45p-60p

Fresh fruit salad bar daily £1.10

Fresh fruit 35p

PLEASE NOTE - Belfairs Academy operate a cashless card system