Results collection and return in September 2014

It's hard to believe that we have moved so rapidly towards the end of another academic year and I take this opportunity to thank you for your support throughout the year. The last few weeks of term have been very busy. Our Celebration Assemblies ran throughout the week where we celebrated with our young people on their successes of the academy year.

For the collection of exam results:

Year 12 and Year 13 - August 14th between 8.30am and 10am.

Year 11 - August 21st between 10am and 12pm.

The Academy opens to all students on September 4th with Year 7 and Year 12 starting the day at 8.35am and the rest of the academy (incl. Year 13) joining us at 9.30am.

Usual start times run from September 5th. Further details are available under the letters section of our website.

Enjoy a peaceful and safe summer.

Bev Williams