Research over a number of years in this country and other countries has shown that homework can make an important contribution to students' progress in school.

Years 7 and 8

Homework for Years 7 and 8 students will be set weekly for core subjects and fortnightly for all other subjects. Practical subjects may set practical or written work.

Years 9, 10 and 11

Homework for Years 9, 10 and 11 students will be set weekly for all subjects. At peak times there may be additional homework set.

*Science - Triple Science teachers will set three times per week: 1 for each of the Sciences.

Years 12 and 13

Subjects are expected to set one substantive piece of homework per week, in addition to reading, note-taking, preparation for lessons etc.

It is recommended that Post 16 students should complete 2 hours of independent study per subject per week, in addition to any homework and private study work set by their subject teachers.

Definition of Homework

This is defined as 'any work or activities which students are asked to do outside lesson time'.

Purpose of Homework

  • To encourage students to develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed to study effectively on their own - to promote self-discipline and independent learning.
  • To consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding developed at school.
  • To prepare for future class work.
  • To develop skills in using libraries and other learning resources.
  • To extend school learning - for example through research and extension work, coursework, additional reading, use of resources' only available outside school.
  • To provide feedback to the students and teacher of the student's knowledge, skills and understanding of work tackled in school.
  • To manage particular external demands, such as KS4 coursework.
  • To provide opportunities for developing the home-school partnership.

Co-ordination and Planning of Homework Arrangements

  • Certain subjects in the curriculum take a different approach to the setting of homework depending on the requirements of the subject/topic. Subject teachers may use an extended project or allocate an extended time period to complete the homework.
  • This approach allows for flexibility in the curriculum, subjects and topics within subjects can be addressed differently. The flexible approach, the use of extended projects and extended time allocation allows the student to work in more depth and detail. It gives the student the appropriate time to complete work and allows them the opportunity to work at their own pace but to a set deadline. The student is able to have choice in which subject to work on each evening.
  • Those who default will be given a sanction in accordance with the subject area's policy. If a detention is set notice will be given to parents in accordance with school policy. For regular defaulters, parents will be informed and a joint strategy implemented to improve performance.

How You Can Support Your Child with Homework

Parents/Carers can assist by:

  • Providing a table, chair and a quiet place to work.
  • Negotiating with your child when homework is to be done as their free time is important too.
  • Checking the time spent on individual tasks.
  • Ensuring that outside clubs do not hamper your child's quality of work and put them under undue pressure.
  • Checking presentation and content of all homework being returned to the Academy.
  • Providing the Academy with information concerning any problems by contacting the academy directly.
  • Responding positively when your child ask for help by giving plenty of praise and encouragement.
  • Ensuring they are supplied with healthy food and drinks.

Helping Your Child with Homework Checklist

  • Do you set a regular time every day for your child to complete homework?
  • Does your child have the books, pencils and other equipment required to complete their homework?
  • Does your child have a quiet place to study with lots of light?

Monitor all Homework

  • Do you know what your child's homework assignments are?
  • Do you know how long they should take?
  • Do you see that homework tasks are started and completed?
  • Do you read the teacher's comments on marked homework?
  • Do you check 'Show my Homework'.

Frequently Asked Questions About Homework for Parents/Carers

We have received questions and queries from parents/carers concerning a variety of aspects regarding homework. We have summarised these below in what we hope will be a helpful guide which will enable you to further support your child.

'What is my role in homework?'

  • Encouragement is a major role. Ensure that your child manages and copes with the workload. Sit with them. Talk to them about their tasks. If your child verbalises their learning they are more likely to retain the knowledge.

'I am busy and do not have the time to help. What can I do?'

  • It is not essential that you sit with them and work alongside them, but showing an interest is imperative. Ask them what tasks they are undertaking tonight and sound enthusiastic!'

'I do not know enough about a specific topic to help my child. How can I help?'

  • Children thrive on rewards and encouragement. Maybe look at some information together. Help them collect information. Supporting your child is an excellent way of helping them.

'It is noisy and there is no space at home'

  • The Academy has several homework clubs which run from early in the morning until 4.30pm. There are also opportunities at lunchtime to complete homework.

'My child does not tell me about homework. What can I do?'

  • Look on 'Show my Homework'. Ask your child's form tutor. Ask them open questions about today's learning at school.

'My child spends more time than necessary on their homework'.

  • Children work at different speeds. However, if they are spending inordinate amounts of time on tasks please do contact the academy if you are concerned. 

Students who may have difficulty in working at home will be encouraged to make full use of the study facilities provided by the Learning Resource Centre and other study areas. There is a Homework Club as per the extra-curricular/enrichment timetable with staff available to support students.