Medical Evidence


At times it is necessary for us to request medical evidence from parents to allow us to authorise their children's absence from school. Please see below a guide to what is accepted as Medical Evidence:

  1. GP/Dental appointment card with date of appointment attended.
  2. Medical Appointment letter.
  3. Empty prescribed medication packet with dispensing label attached.
  4. Copy of prescription.
  5. White return page of prescription ie; repeat prescription request.
  6. Medical letter* from GP or medical professional advising student is unfit to attend school.
  7. Medical Certificate*.
  8. Compliment slip* from a Nurse at student's medical practice confirming they are unfit to attend school.

*Medical Certificates from online GP services will not be accepted. Certificates must be produced from your local GP that you are registered with. They must have physically seen your child and deemed them unfit for school.

Please note that it is the Parent's/Carer's responsibility to provide the medical evidence when requested by the school.

The school will not request or chase up medical evidence from GP's/Consultants/Dentists etc.

Medical appointments - We ask that medical appointments such as Dental, Doctor, Orthodontist and Hospital appointments should be outside of school hours. Should this not be possible, we expect the students to attend school beforehand and to return to school once the appointment has concluded.