Education Welfare Service Intervention


Education Welfare Service Involvement - to include Fixed Penalty Notices, School Action Meetings

  • Should the Education Welfare Service choose to hold a School Action Meeting, Parents/Carer's will be invited to attend a meeting at the academy to discuss their child's attendance and why the plan or strategies put in place have been unsuccessful. At this point the Educational Welfare Officer may choose to put in place their own plan and/or monitor for an agreed period of time.
  • Should further absences accrue or no progress is made at any time during the monitoring period, the Educational Welfare Officer may decide to issue a Fixed a penalty Notice of £60 as an alternative to prosecution. This rises to £120 if unpaid after 21 days. Failure to pay will lead to prosecution. Parents/Carers can be fined up to £2500 and/or imprisoned for failing to ensure that their child attends school regularly.
  • The Educational Welfare Service could instigate Legal Proceedings or apply for an Education Supervision Order to be placed on the Child and parent/career as an alternative to a Fixed Penalty Notice.