Academy procedures for addressing poor attendance


We will address poor attendance of a student in the following ways:

Attendance Concern

If a student's attendance drops below 95% a letter will be sent to you confirming your child's attendance and advising of the need for the attendance to improve.

If no improvement is recorded then the following intervention stages are triggered:

Level 1

  • When a student's attendance falls below 93%, a letter will be sent to you advising you that future absences will be subject to providing medical evidence to support the absence.

Level 2

  • If the attendance continues to fall below 90% (Persistent Absence Threshold) you will be contacted to attend a meeting in school with the Attendance Officer and the Local Authority Educational Welfare Officer (EWO). A plan/set of strategies will be put in place to encourage good attendance as a supportive measure.

Level 3

  • If there is still no improvement then it may be necessary for the school to refer the case to the Education Welfare Service who may conduct home visits. If attendance still does not improve then you will be invited to attend a Review Panel meeting. At this meeting, a final warning letter will be given with a view to issuing you with a Fixed Penalty Notice if the attendance continues to cause concern.

Post 16

Attendance at Post 16 is calculated on attendance to timetabled lessons and will be subject to the following action chart.